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Adept Initiates

Adept-Initiates-logo-badge-300x300_fa06a89bb9ddf873143b3cf4c56fcae0Dive into a community of esoteric enthusiasts.  Adept Initiates is a tribe on the search for answers derived from mystery school teachings, including the ancient symbolism of self initiation. For thousands of years sacred texts have revealed that the path of the initiate is wrought with challenges, but the journey is rewarding beyond measure.  This evolving mystery school of the people provides both online and on site training with global expeditions, unbiased journalistic approach to news, community discussions and initiation retreats to the tribe.

Join The Adept Initiates Mystery School Follow our Adept Adventures, contribute to our research, and connect with a community of over 125,000 Adept Initiates worldwide who seek the truest meaning of alchemy. An online Transformational University for sound, Mind, and Body. 

  • Access The Secret Teachings With Adept Initiates Premium From lead to gold, get unrestricted access to our entire Adept Library of rare and occult e-books, esoteric expert interviews, and private invites to secret screenings of our exclusive digital series Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools hosted by researcher, Anyextee.
  • Uncover The Roots Of The Mystery Schools In Our Ongoing Thematic Series Our ongoing series, Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools, has gone viral! Come join us in our quest to expand consciousness and help us to decode the secret traditions of the ancient mystery schools.
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Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools


You're welcome to embark on a journey: an immersive experience into the expansion of consciousness. It's a stretch of road known by many but traveled by fewer still. You are not here by accident, you can not turn back. You are here by divine rite of passage. 

  • Go Inside and Get Access Initiates get insider-invites. Expand your research with early bird access to our exclusive events and private passes to our secret screenings. You will watch future episodes in advance – all online!
  • Expand Your Consciousness Accept full access to our archives and take all the videos, references, reading recommendations, and additional resources corresponding to each episode to further your own research or to give you an edge.

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Next Level Music Marketing


Next Level Music Marketing is a first-of-its-kind music artist platform that fuses universal marketing principles with executive experience - into a perpetual traffic and revenue machine for aspiring artists. This program teaches a sales generating growth hack, designed to grow a musician’s fanbase enough to sell and profit from making music online.  We focus on highly optimized marketing and sales funnels that build engaged audiences for artists and generate passive income from their music products.

  • Enter The Board Room Master Mind Group The Board Room gives you unheard of access to an established music industry CEO.  Anyextee, founder of Hip Hop’s legendary first digital publisher Amalgam Digital, provides monthly training with insights to cutting edge branding and marketing tools and tactics, from webinars to effective methods of consciously and purposefully marketing your music.
  • Build Your Own System Discover the step-by-step process of growing your own loyal and supportive online tribe, and learn how to monetize your music if you’re an Indie artist. You will get a comprehensive less in marketing in the ever-changing digital world including, free and effective traffic generation, mobile publishing strategies, and learn some of the multi-million dollar values required to run a successful music publishing company.  Anyextee’s leadership principles and philosophies on tribal management technology will prepare any artist to grow fans and sell music online.
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